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Full Program on how to get your kids to listen: Where I show you how to have your kids responding to your requests without having to nag, remind or yell

4 Pillars of Conscious Parenting Masterclass: Where I share my 'Crystal Ball Theory', which allows you to look into your child's future so that you know EXACTLY what to change now, and how to implement those changes

​First Pillar: Love languages, Praise and Self-Esteem: Learn each child's 'love language' and ensure your child feels loved by the world around them, particularly by YOU. This pillar also teaches you how to create an environment where your child learns to love THEMSELVES! Shy, timid children become confident, outgoing children in weeks!

​Second Pillar: Conscious Discipline: Learn how to discipline your child without killing their spirit... how to allow your child to be a full expression of themselves, but within the boundaries of your family values. This pillar also discusses alternatives to time-outs, threats, and taking things away!

​Third Pillar: Conflict & Connection, Resilience & Adaptability: Reduce the conflict in your home, including sibling rivalry - nothing exhausts a parent like constant arguments between siblings! This pillar teaches you how to speak to your child with language that creates immediate results, and also builds their resilience and adaptability, which further increases their self-esteem.

​Fourth Pillar: Emotional Well-being and Trauma: Heal existing trauma, and prevent any further emotional trauma that may have been created through particular experiences your child has endured, or even accidentally as a result of the way you have parented until now. Every time our children feel rejected, denied, dismissed or devalued, it affects their self-esteem and causes emotional trauma. This helps you stop trauma in its tracks!

Love Languages Program: Learn exactly what your child's love language is, so that your love doesn't get lost in translation and your child actually FEELS loved (note: 75% of parents have their child's love language wrong!). This part of the program also covers how to build your child's self-esteem

100 Page Full Colour PRINTABLE Workbook: This workbook covers everything you will see and hear in the videos from the program, and has sections for you to take notes and integrate what you are learning. It makes it easy to sit down with your partner and focus on your parenting together! Take this with you everywhere you go so you are never lost for words on what to say to get your kids to listen and you never have to resort to getting angry.

LIFETIME ACCESS: You will never be removed from this program. You can refer back to the course content any time you like as your children move through different stages of development. As NEW CONTENT is added to the program, you get FULL LIFETIME ACCESS to that also, at no extra charge.

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You get a FREE copy of the Love Language Guide to help you identify your child's love language!

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Hear from other real-life parents, from different backgrounds, who all started with

different 'parenting issues', about how this program helped them!

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"I was in a bad place, dealing with family courts..."

"I don't have the same battles anymore. Everything changed..."

"My child's behaviour put my relationship in a very difficult place"

“I have done many other parenting programs, but nothing like this...”

“My eldest son has autism and I wasn't seeing him for who he was”

Is There A Guarantee?

If at the end of the first 30 days you've gone through all of the training modules and you aren’t happy with the program then I will buy it back from you at full price, plus I’ll even send you an extra $10 for a cold drink on me!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have bought other courses before, and never used them. How long do I have to complete this program?

You get LIFETIME access to this program, which includes any updates and improvements at no extra cost! You can take as long as you like to get through the information, and you can always refer back to it later when your kids are at different stages of development. You'll never be removed from the private Facebook community, and you'll never be removed from the course content.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! There are 3 payment plans available with options to pay over 8, 16 or 24 weeks so that you can start NOW without hurting your cashflow or budget too much!

Can my partner do the program too, or do I have to pay for both of us?

Yes! Both you and your partner can do this program together, and you only have to pay ONCE! I strongly encourage both of you doing it together so that the kids get consistency and you can both be on the same page. So not only will your parenting improve, so will your relationship, which means your whole house benefits!