Happy to Whole Retreat

NEXT DATE: October 28, 29 & 30 2022

1pm Friday to 4pm Sunday

Wirrina Cove Resort, SA

It is time to journey into the expanse of your soul...

To know yourself in your truest nature, and to retrieve all the sacred parts of yourself that life has fragmented along the way through trauma.

It is time to walk into your story, own your truth and stop hustling for your worthiness.

It is time to respond to the nudging you've been feeling inside you and say yes to yourself, and yes to life.

It is time to separate from numbness and neglect, and to find your freedom.

It is time to feel the intensity of your aliveness, in all of its forms...

To leave the 'land of the lost' and find your way home;

back to yourself.

It is time to surrender your search for 'happiness', and instead embrace your journey of wholeness...

Join us for this 3 day immersion retreat...

Where you will have the opportunity to meet yourself in all of your edges, and learn to find comfort there.

Where you will no longer feel the need to omit parts of yourself for the approval of others.

Where you will journey to the depths of your soul, retrieving your inner child along the way and find safety where you once found uncertainty and terror.

Where you will awaken your true power that only comes from knowing yourself on the most imtimate levels.

Welcome to the journey from "Happiness" to WHOLENESS...

"Happiness" has become such a goal of society that we have attempted to be "happy" at the expense of being whole.

In doing so, we have denied, dismissed, disowned, rejected and abandonded the deepest aspects of ourselves, leaving us more 'broken' than ever. This then takes up all our space as we use too much of our energy to hold ourselves from falling apart... to continue living up to the fake facade that "life is great" and that we are okay.

But what if we stopped trying to be 'happy', and just started being REAL?

Being REAL would mean we could still be happy when we truly felt that way, but it would no longer be 'the goal'. In addition to that happiness, we could allow ourselves to feel everything else just as much... An entire kalidescope of emotions would be welcome in our lives.

And when we did feel 'not so happy', instead of experiencing shame for that because of how we have programmed ourselves to feel and then rejecting, criticising or judging ourselves for it, we could embrace ourselves in all of our wholeness...

This would allow us to be a full expression of ourselves. It would also allow us to deepen our connection with our ourselves, our partners, our children, our friends, our colleagues, and with the universe itself.

The world of 'personal development' has it's place, but it has taken many people too far off track by focusing too much on 'mind' work and giving us something we have to 'become', or a place we must arrive at...

So it is time to return to our soul.

What is soul? What do we mean when we refer to our soul?

During this weekend retreat, you will learn what 'soul' actually is. We will explore the many aspects of soul, and how to differentiate between what is soul and what is 'mind' stuff.

The world of personal development has been taken to extreme, and it has cost us our true self awareness.

We have focused so much on 'developing' ourselves that we have forgotten to be aware of ourselves... to truly KNOW ourselves.

Personal development works at the level of our mind and our personality. It prepares us for the journey of our soul, but it does not take us there.

There is a moment in time where personal development is no longer enough...

Where a hunger has been birthed from the depth of our being that no amount of 'personal development' can satiate...

Where we are continuously searching for more...

More meaning.

More depth.

More vulnerability.

More understanding.

More wisdom.

More connection.

More feeling.

Just More.

This is the moment where the mind must past the baton to our soul.

Our mind and personality have brought us as far as possible for the realm they belong to - the physical realm. The realm of the five senses. The realm of 'human existence'.

It is time now to leave this realm and enter the realm of the soul - and the multisenses.

So here, on this weekend, your soul will take that baton.

Your soul will lead the way, and you will live your life so wholeheartedly, so deeply, and so completely.

There will not be any parts of yourself that you omit anymore.

You will experience the beauty of every emotion, and there will be a place for each of them to play their role in your life.

You will learn to hold each of these emotions in all of their totality, ever so tenderly, and to open yourself to receive their wisdom for your life.

You will learn to release your resistance and you will be free from expectation, including the expectation to be "happy" or "spiritual" or "positive" that the new-age spiritual world places on us.

Woah, what a burden to remove!

Instead of being 'these' things, you can be ALL things.

When you are okay with being all things, you can meet yourself in ALL your experiences.

Your Invititation...

I invite you to step forwards into the knowing of life.

To trust and surrender, and to say yes to that little feeling you have inside yourself right now.

You are not 'broken'. You are the seed that is germinating. You just need the right environment to nourish you as you open so that you can become the expression of all of what your seed contains.

In your opening, you will begin to express the fullness of yourself, and as you do, you will reach up out of the darkness where you've been planted to find your light.

I look forward to journeying with you.

Love Holly xx

Let's connect and explore how this immersive retreat will help you move forwards. Reach out and book a call with me today. Click here to send a message and arrange a call with me.

Topics of the retreat:

The "wholeness" journey - what is it? How to embrace it

Feminine and Masculine Archetypes

Learn how to "rumble" with your stories and break the cycles that keep you trapped

Trauma and Manipulations

Emotions - what is their purpose, and how to understand the need that underlies each one. Also understand "cover emotions" and how they protect you

Release your 'triggers' through integration

Integrate Soul Fragmentations


Clear Ancestral Trauma - specifically anything you took from your mother's womb

Energy Bodies - Astral, Etherical and Physical Bodies

Astral Body Processes - Processing and integration of Fear, Guilt, Anger and Grief

A deep dive into Sex, Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships

Relationship Healing - Exercise specific for relationships

Relationships - The role of the relationship in your spiritual journey. Understand the dynamic in your relationship, what causes the arguments, and how to make it safe for each other to process old wounds

Masculine and Feminine energy - within your self, and within your relationships

Money - understand your relationship with money and how that translates to other areas of your life

Decisions - making decisions that open your life

Getting your YOU Back - Finding your passion, your purpose, your joy - what's holding you back.


Save $400 - 10 spots only

Pricing includes 2 nights accommodation and meals, as well as a month-long integration process post retreat for extra support and advice.

Note: breakfast is not included. Saturday night dinner also not included as this is a 'free night' after deep emotional work during the day.

Singles - Earlybirds SAVE $400

Couples - Earlybirds SAVE $1000

Let's connect and explore how this immersive retreat will help you move forwards. Reach out and book a call with me today. Click here to send a message and arrange a call with me.

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