Purpose Retreat

NEXT DATE: February 17, 18 & 19 2023

1pm Friday to 4pm Sunday

Wirrina Cove Resort, SA

"Purpose is the original intent for which something is created."

Perhaps life's biggest questions are not meant to be rhetorical

but rather, they are meant for us to ponder, and to use as reference points throught our lives...

where did we come from?

what are we doing?

and why are we here?

I believe there is a purpose for each of our lives...

A reason we came here to this human experience.

An original intent.

In order to achieve our life's purpose, embedded in each one of us is a gift that is designed to be our offering to the world. An offering that noone else can make - a value that noone else can provide.

Sadly, most of us sacrificed our gifts on the premise that a 'good life' required skill and talent instead...

We bought in on the idea that we must be 'trained' in something in order to be of any value -

That we somehow required man's approval to qualify us, and that man's qualification would always be superior to our God-given gifts.

You see, skill and talent are learned abilities.

But our gift is what we are born with.

It is written on the blueprint of our soul, unique to us, and it qualifies us to walk the path we are called for.

So as humans, I believe we have a responsibility to discover our personal gift...

Then, once we have discovered our gift, I believe we have an obligation to use our gift in order to serve the masses. Here's why:

"The fruit is never for the tree".

You see,

The apple tree never eats the apple...

The orange tree never eats the orange...

Because the fruit is not for the tree.

Just the same, your gift is not "for you"...

It is for the benefit of the people who will feed from your tree;

Who will nourish themselves with the fruit that you bare.

So if you do not discover and deliver your gifts to the world, it is not you who is disadvantaged. For you are still able to feed and nourish yourself from the fruit that is born by others.

But this isn't fair.

Your gift is necessary for someone else, just as another's fruit was necessary for you.

This is why I call it an 'obligation', or,

"The burden of purpose".

Dr Myles Munroe once said something that resonated deeply with me that I have never forgotten.

He said;

The value of life is not in its duration, but in its donation."

You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because of how effective you live.

For what is the point of life, if not to make a difference of some kind?

And how do we measure the value of a life that made no difference?

I believe we have a responsibility to be an example for our children, so that they too may live a life according to their purpose. A life that makes a difference.

The only way we can ever truly teach our children to follow their path, their dream, their purpose... is by letting them watch us follow ours!

I believe it is only through a life of purpose that we each receive our ultimate fulfillment...

Without this, we are haunted by a relentless void.

Despite all other attempts and all other achievements, our lives still feel hollow.

The truth is;

We are never searching for 'happiness'. That my friend, is an illusion.

Happiness is not a permanent state. Fulfillment is.

There is a distinct difference.

Happiness is NOT the goal.

Through our gift, life positions us to be used as a vessel for the greater good, and we are each called to play our part in the collective consciousness. In making OUR difference.

It is time to awaken and rise.

To free yourself from the status quo, and to demand more from life.

More meaning.

More depth.

More inspiration.

More purpose.

Just more.

Most people live a life feeling 'tired'.

But the truth is, we are not tired -

We are uninspired.
We are off-target with our purpose, living lives of "nothingness".

This 'tiredness' is a tap on the shoulder from the universe...

a redirection towards the path that is meant for us, if only we will pay attention and follow divine instruction.

What right do we have to lead small, timid lives?

The greatest disservice we offer ourselves and humanity at large, is to dishonor our soul contract... to betray and dismiss the original intent for being here in this human experience at this moment in time.

Sadly, by the age of 15 most of us have already forgotten who we are, and why we are here.

We are lost.

We have no vision for our lives, no desire that we are moving towards.
We have already sacrificed the deepest essence of who we are at our very core, on the alter of approval from our parents and society around us.
We dare not dream for fear of judgement and criticism, and for 'being different'.

Instead, we do what is expected of us.

We live someone else's dream.

We fight for a life that is not ours.

But our difference is what makes THE difference.

Your life has purpose.

Your purpose is still laying dormant in the base of your soul, whispering ever so softly, calling you forwards...
It never gives up on you.

The voice is still there, you've just forgotten how to hear it.

The noise of society has drowned it out.

Your invitation

I invite you to join us for a three day immersion deep into Purpose.

This retreat is for those who feel the whisper, but can't quite make sense of it just yet.

Those who know they are selling themselves short.

Those who are no longer willing to settle for less.

Those who want more.

And who know they are worthy of having more.

It is time.

Time to live a life of greatness.

Time to create a life of inspiration,

of meaning,

of purpose.

Time to weave purposeful intention into the very fabric of your life.

Every move,

every thought,

every decision...

May it reflect the life force that surges through you, beckoning you to follow.

It is time for you to discover your gifts.

Your passions.

Your deepest desires...

To be lead by that which opens your heart and calls you in a way that only you can answer...

A song, that only you can hear.

A dance, that only you know the moves to.

A vision, that only you can see.

It is time to reawaken your deepest joy, and open yourself to abundance in all forms.

To dance to the rhythm of your own heartbeat,

and to deliver on a scale more grand than you could ever have imagined for yourself.

It is time to surrender 'your' plan, in order to follow THE plan.

It is time to shift our attention...

from income to impact;

from success to significance;

from production to purpose;

from finances to freedom.

Who's it for?

This Purpose retreat is for the person who is ready to give themselves full permission

to want more,

to have more,

to give more,

to be more.

More. More. More.

Not because we are not already grateful and satisified for that which we currently have,

but because we know abundance belongs to us.

It is our birth right.

And because we know we have not yet delievered on what we came here to deliver...

The world has not yet seen our truest value.

It would be selfish of us to rob the world of our gifts.

This is for those of us

who know we are so much more than what we have currently presented ourselves to be.

For those of us who know life is the Holy Grail, and we never arrive.

That although we have climbed some mountains, there are still more.

This is for those who are ready to discover which one calls us next.

For those of us who know, that if we shall die tomorrow,

we do not want to leave here without having shared our gifts.

Our original intent for being here.

For only in this instance, will we ever leave here in peace.

Those of us who want to leave a legacy, but who also understand this:

An inheritance is what you leave 'for' your children.

A legacy is what you leave IN them.

And so, I ask you...

If you were to die today,

what ideas...

what dreams...

what visions...

what abilities...

what talents...

what song...

what music...

what book...

what voice...

what speech...

what creation...

what impact...

what difference...

what gift...

would die with you?

Join us for this three day immersion retreat,

and live a life of purpose.

I look forward to journeying and to

evolving consciously

with you...

Love Holly xx

Let's connect and explore how this immersive Purpose retreat will help you move forwards with passion and fulfillment. Reach out and book a call with me today. Click here to send a message and arrange a call with me.

Topics of this retreat:

Please note: the topics listed below are just a general summary, as these topics change each year. This is an ever-evolving retreat, so the topics covered at each event will always be different to the previous.

Topics are decided on a very intuitive bases, supported by synchronicities and 'signs from the universe' leading up to each event, but will always be based around Purpose. In addition, topics that are covered in depth over this weekend are often not even 'on the list', but they arise during our time together over these few days. When something arises that has alot of energy around it, we follow the plan the universe has for us and delve deep into conversations and teachings around what comes up.

This retreat is intended to be a regular yearly event for those who enjoy continually evolving and expanding their lives. It can be attended as a once-off, or like many who attend, it can be used as your "yearly checkup" in your life over and over again. You will never have the same experience twice.

Signposts to your life's assignment

You CAN change your past

How to know you're on the right path and what dream belongs to you

The power of purpose, the power of vision

Knowing what season you're in and how to prepare

Honouring yourself

Integrity with yourself

Why you should never give without expecting to receive - releasing limiting beliefs such as "give with no expectation to receive"

The 7 rewards of pain

3 keys to knowing/discovering your life purpose

The gift of discernment - being able to know the difference between when you are being "tested" and when you are being "redirected"

Money, Finances, Profits

Business - how to start your own, or expand one you already have on a larger scale

The anatomy of trauma, fragmentation, integration

Codependency, Enmeshment, Attachement trauma - this holds you back mostly from your life purpose. How to break this cycle

New Edges - meeting yourself and exploring yourself in 'new edges' and noticing your response in order to receive greater enlightment through self-enquiry

Decisions - making decisions that open your life and create flow

Feminine/Masculine energy - balancing these energies within yourself. Using each to their advantage in relation to your purpose work, knowing when to step into each.

Also balancing these energies within your relationship.


Save $400 - 10 spots only

Pricing includes 2 nights accommodation and meals, as well as a month-long integration process post retreat for extra support and advice.

Note: breakfast is not included. Saturday night dinner also not included as this is a 'free night' to do what you want with. There are many beautiful locations to explore in these surroundings, and you may want to have dinner alone, with your partner, or with new friends you have connected with over the weekend. So there is no 'plan' for Sat night.

Singles - Earlybirds SAVE $400

Couples - Earlybirds SAVE $1000

Let's connect and explore how this immersive retreat will help you move forwards. Reach out and book a call with me today. Click here to send a message and arrange a call with me.

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"After 26 years of marriage, the retreat epically changed our communication and intimacy" - Bronwyn and Russell

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