Springwood Studio

198A Mount Barker Rd, Leawood Gardens, SA

Sunday 21st August

10.30am - 4pm


Beautiful woman,

it is time to embody, activate and expand into all that is you...

a deep immersion,

a re-discovery,

a coming home.

I want to hold a very different space for you, so that you can step out of your masculine and surrender completely into your feminine, just for a few hours.

I want you to know yourself in that space.

I want you to know what exists for you there,

and I want you to know how to access it.

I want you to know the difference between your sexuality and your sensuality;

Between submission and surrender;

Between happiness and pleasure;

Not just to your lover, but to your life as a whole.

Because it opens your life so deeply, especially in your relationships and your purpose work.

I have learned throughout my own journey, that it is nearly impossible to step out of masculine energy completely because life demands so much structure and stability, especially as a businesswoman and a mum.

Despite our efforts to connect with our femininity, I have found we are all so blocked in our free-flowing feminine, and it can be really scary to go there. But everything we yearn for, is held there, in this space;

the deepest connection to our lovers,

our children,

and our own life creations;

our dreams, our art, our movement, our sensuality, our pleasure, our peace, our ease.

We want more of it all. We hunger for it.

We melt in the moments where this shows up, but we don't know how to maintain it.

We try to hold it, but before long life calls us back into our masculine because there are things to 'be done'.

And so, we have to abandon her... the woman we meet in those moments, ever so briefly.

Our feminine energy is our truest nature.

But it can feel so un-natural. So awkward. So weird and uncomfortable. Anything BUT 'free-flowing'.

By 'free-flowing', I mean the energy that pours from us uncontrollably when we allow the flood gates to open, and our feminine essence is set free with absolutely no restraints.

In my own experience, I found that the flood gates had been deadbolted for so long that even just the idea of sinking into my truest nature felt scary to me...

I would often pull back as I felt her rising, because I could feel her wildness emerging, and I wasn't sure I could contain her if I let her all the way out. I felt scared that I would lose control of her.

So I kept a lid on the fullness of the woman within me.

Since the moment I cut the deadbolt, let the gate swing wide open, and allowed the wildwoman in me to run free, life has opened up for me in ways I never dreamed possible. My dreams expanded. I saw so much more for myself, so I went ahead and created it.

And I want this for you too. I want this for all of us.

An overflow.

An overflow that spills out into every area of your life, nourishing everything it touches.

I want your family to be able to feed from your overflow.

Keep 'the cup' all for yourself, and allow your partners and children to quench their thirst from your overflow.


I am creating the space for you to find her, so that magical woman within you can also be set free to create the life she dreams of...

To walk her true path,

To use her voice, in full expression,

To create beauty in all of her experiences,

To find the fulfillment her soul beckons for,

To allow her dreams to rise so she can bring them to life.

I want to show you how to find the balance of masculine and feminine your relationship needs, so that you can experience the deepest intimacy, the most intense pleasure, and the closest connection of friendship with the person you choose to do life with. Our relationships are the hub that is at the centre of our lives. Everything flows from here. Our relationships are our nucleus. When they aren't right, nothing seems right.

Your relationship with your partner will open in direct proportion to your willingness to open to yourself, and to your feminine energy. I learned this the long, hard way.

We all want our men to step into their masculine and hold a space for us that is strong and comforting... but there is often no space for them to do that, because we are taking up that space ourselves by being too much in our masculine!

Your man can't step in until you step back.

It starts with us.

The universe itself is feminine energy. She creates everything. She is at the helm of it all.

And likewise, so are you, beautiful woman.

Beyond your intimate relationships, there's the relationship you have with yourself.

This is what determines how you show up in the world, and what you create for yourself as you weave your own masterpiece.

The very fabric of your life is determined by how deeply you can drop into your feminine energy, for this is where all creation comes from.

It is linked deeply to the relationship and connection you have with your womb, or your wombspace.

The place within you that creates life itself.

This is why, on this day, we will be connecting to our wombspace and releasing all that is held there regarding our relationship with ourselves. I will also share my very personal story about my recent journey with my womb, and what opened up for me through this experience.

Femininity. Creation. Pleasure. Ecstatic aliveness;

This is our true nature.

But to get there, we need to feel safe.

We need to soften.

We need to open.

Let me guide you home to her, just as I have done in my own journey with myself.

My personal struggle has become my gift. And I offer it to you...

Remember her,

the depth of the woman within you.

Feel her,

in all of her totality...

the aliveness of her being coursing through her veins.

Taste her,

in all of her fullness...

sip on the sweet nectar of her soul.

Hear her,

in all of her expression...

as she begs you to follow her into her wholeness.

See her,

in all of her essence...

so free, and so turned on by life.

Love her,

in all of her softness...

and notice the strength of the space she holds when she feels safe enough to open.

She's still there, and she's waiting.

It is time.

Remember Her.

On this day, you will experience...

Opening and Honouring;

Of the ancients connected to both the land we sit on, and the cultures who introduced the gift of Cacao to the world.

Sharing circle;

Since the beginning of time women have come together in ceremony to connect and share their womanhood. You will be invited to share in this space, but only if you choose to.


Noticing what full presence feels like in your body, and how it opens and softens you as you sink even deeper into your presence. Then, learning how to maintain that presence throughout your days, without needing time or space for stillness and silence. When you learn how to embody presence, you can take it with you.

The wisdom of your wombspace;

(even if you've had a hysterectomy)

An honoring and connection to your womb, and your relationship to her, through meditation and prayer. You will be guided through a conversation with her. She is the container that holds it all, and she has wisdom to offer you.


Beautiful and gentle emodiment practices to awaken the energy within you through movement.

Sexuality Vs Sensuality;

A deep dive into what comes up for you even as you hear these words, and an unfolding of your truth around each of these principles.

'The gifts I see in you';

A reflection of yourself through what you see in others.

Witnessing circle;

An opportunity to step forward and share your gifts, your message, your voice, your art, all that is you.

Cacao Ceremony and Prayer;

Through the rising of your soul's prayer, you will program your own cup of Cacao. It will become infused with the frequency of your intentions and your collective prayers of love and gratitude, and it will become your own sacred medicine.

Ceremonial Cacao

As part of this day, we will be doing a Sacred Cacao Ceremony and connecting to our womb space.

If you don't know much about Cacao Medicine, here's a small glimpse of it's power and depth...

Cacao is considered a non-psychoactive entheogen, meaning it is a sacred substance which brings you closer to God and your own spiritual nature. This plant medicine has been used for thousands of years as a connection to the Sacred Spirit of Cacao, a spirit ally to guide us to a very deep connection to our inner world and align us to a higher perspective of our nature.

I highly encourage you to type 'ceremonial cacao' or 'sacred cacao' into Google, and explore its history and power. There is a plethora of information out there, from many different ancient cultures who have all used Cacao for spiritual purposes for thousands of years. You do not have to be a shaman to work with ceremonial cacao. You can even use it yourself at home. I do, especially when I need to be connected to my heartspace, or I can feel a new vision emerging within me. Cacao keeps me connected to my heart, and amplifies my intentions.

As well as being loaded with the perfect ratio of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc (it's called a superfood for a reason!), it is also packed full of theobromine which energises your body, enhances your mood and lowers your blood pressure all at the same time.

In addition to that, it's most active component is phenylethylamine (PEA) which is the pre-cursor to serotonin (the happy-exciting feels like you feel when you're falling in love or floating in a sea of the deepest gratitude). This is the "love chemical" and is what makes Cacao the "heart medicine" because it connects us with the deepest part of our soul and opens our heart through this perfect balance of chemistry provided by Mother Nature.

The final note-worthy chemical found in cacao is anandamide which is known as the bliss chemical and is responsible for the euphoric feelings, therefore working as a natural antidepressant. Interestingly, the Sanskrit word for 'Bliss' is Ananda!

If you feel a deep resonance right now, then you have heard the call from the medicine of Cacao. She is calling you, and through her, you will enter deeper states of transformation and healing, and you will meet yourself in deeper edges through the magic and activation of your prayer using the gift this plant medicine has to offer.

Let's journey together...

Remember Her - Women's circle & Cacao Ceremony

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