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Parent-Child conflict: This topic helps you to understand the energetic cause of the conflict between you and your child - the conflict that no amount of "parenting", disciplining, or negotiating will ever resolve....

The pattern you just can't seem to break...

The behaviour that just won't stop no matter what you try...

The reaction inside yourself that you just can't help no matter how hard you try to control it!

We share a karmic journey with each of our children, and this often plays out in the form of 'triggers' within our relationship with them.

There are patterns that form and create conflict when we aren't able to recognise them for what they are. These have nothing to do with "behaviour" or "parenting". These are much deeper issues, that CAN be resolved, but only by doing the deep work.

Our conflicts with our children are always an opportunity for us to step into our own expansion.

Become aware of the higher levels of consciousness your child is calling you to, and how to step into that space to immediately create a shift in the conflict between you and them.

A Child's Purpose: Our children chose us as their parents for the purpose of gaining the expansion they came to this human experience for.

They come through as the embodiment of our desires, and the expanded form of consciousness within the family line.

Our children do not belong 'to' us - They belong 'with' us, but not 'to' us. They come 'through' us, but they are not 'from' us, and they are not 'ours'.

Understanding our child's purpose in our lives allows us to embrace our own expansion and healing, whilst simultaneously creating a space where they are free to find themselves and evolve as eternal beings on their own journey.

This allows both the parent and child to embrace their wholeness, and to form a truly connected partnership that serves both each person individually, and the collective consciousness as a whole.

This is the higher plan of the universe, and when we are aligned with that, we find peace and fulfillment in all areas of our lives.

The "Emotional Dark-age": I believe we are smack bang in the middle of an emotional dark age. We all HAVE emotions, but we don't understand them. The heart of our experience here on earth is the way we FEEL. It governs every decision we make.

Teach your child how to use their emotions as their navigation system that will guide them through life, so that they can live the life they came here to live, rather than submitting to the agenda 'society' has planned for them.

The 3 mistakes parents make: There are 3 main mistakes parents make, often unknowingly, that cause the most emotional trauma in our kids, and lead to shame, anxiety and low self-esteem.

This topic explains and discusses each of these 3 mistakes, how to fix past mistakes, and how to move forwards in a way where your child is emotionally validated.

Trauma and Fragmentation: Learn exactly what trauma is, what causes it, how to stop it in its tracks and how to prevent it in the future.

When we experience trauma, or we have an unmet need in childhood, the aspect of our soul that was being expressed at the time fragments from our wholness, and becomes part of our shadow - the part of ourselves we do anything to avoid, for the purpose of gaining approval and being loved, which is imperative to our survival.

Those parts of our soul that have fragmented from our wholeness affect our lives dramatically - it literally changes who we are and what we include in our 'personality' - which then affects how we show up in the world.

Understanding fragmentation can help a parent heal deeply, by integrating their OWN fragmented aspects of their soul. Once they have done this, they have the ability to create that space for their child, and help their child integrate any past trauma also.

This changes the entire dynamic of the parent-child relationship, and prevents the child from having to live a wounded life that affects every relationship they will ever have.

Cover Emotions and Coping Mechanisms: Understanding what cover emotions and coping mechanisms look like allows a parent to identify what might be going on within their child long before the child is able to notice it, identify it or speak up about it.

This allows you to meet the needs of your child long before it turns into a trauma-response.

Knowing what cover emotions are allows you to know what your child is REALLY feeling, what they are hiding, where their vulnerabilities are and how to meet their needs immediately, even when they aren't aware of it themselves.

It also allows a parent to teach their child about THEMSELVES, and have a deeper understanding of their emotions, and what to do with them so that the child never feels the need to 'shut down' or 'withdraw' from life.

Understanding cover emotions and coping mechanisms allows a parent to step in before a child disconnects, and prevent the child from having suppressed emotions, which can manifest in the physical body as illness or disease in the long term.

The most common daily emotions - Anger, Shame, Guilt, Fear and Anxiety: We take a deep dive into each of these emotions individually, and we unpack them deeply so that we can gain a conscious perspective of each of them.

This understanding allows us to acknowledge how each of these emotions serve us, where they 'hurt' us, and how to teach our children to process them effectively whenever they show up in their lives.

In addition, children's emotions are often a high trigger point for parents. For example, a child who expressess alot of anger, and has uncontrollable tantrums can make a parent feel extremely powerless, out of control and hopeless.

This then triggers wounds from childhood that the parent may carry, and in order to protect themselves, the parent deals with the child in a non-conscious way simply because they don't know what else to do.

In this topic we discuss not only your child's emotions and how to help them, but just as importantly, we discuss YOUR emotions and how you can help yourself!

Live Coaching Calls and Private Facebook Group:

As part of the Soul Parenting Program you will have unlimited access to a Private Facebook Group, where you can post your homework for the program and connect with the soul parenting community. (Value: Immeasurable)

For those of you who are part of the Powerful Parenting Online Program (Parenting 101), you will still have FULL ACCESS to the weekly zoom calls and you are welcome to bring your SOUL PARENTING questions to this call for my one-on-one advice.

LIFETIME ACCESS: You will never be removed from this program. You can refer back to the course content any time you like as your children move through different stages of development. As NEW CONTENT is added to the program, you get FULL LIFETIME ACCESS to that also, at no extra charge. (Value: Immeasurable)

Total Value: I would have loved to put a dollar figure here, but I simply can't. For those of you who are on the awakened and conscious parenting journey, I'm sure you will agree this kind of value is immeasurable and cannot be quantified.

I would truly be honoured to have an opportunity play a small role in your conscious parenting journey and I look forward to working with you, if that's what you decide.

One soul-based decision for a lifetime of healing and deep connection with your child!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have bought other courses before, and never used them. How long do I have to complete this program?

You get LIFETIME access to this program, which includes any updates and improvements at no extra cost! You can take as long as you like to get through the information, and you can always refer back to it later when your kids are at different stages of development. You'll never be removed from the private Facebook community (where applicable), and you'll never be removed from the course content.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes! You can set yourself up on some affordable and easy payment plans. There are 3 payment plans to choose from so you can go with what suits you best - spread your payments out across 2 - 6 months so that you can start NOW without hurting your cashflow or budget!

Can my partner do the program too, or do I have to pay for both of us?

Yes! Both you and your partner can do this program together, and you only have to pay ONCE! Whilst it is NOT required for you to both be on the same page, I strongly encourage both of you doing it together so that the kids get consistency and you can both potentially get on the same page eventually. In the meantime, this program will teach you how to honour each other's journey without limiting your own and hurting your relationship. So not only will your parenting improve, so will your relationship, which means your whole house benefits!